Keir Roberts

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Alpine Ski Racer

I am a NZ representative alpine ski racer on a pathway to the professional world of the Alpine World Cup Between now and the World Cup, I will navigate and succeed in alpine racing at FIS level, Continental Cup level and then gain and maintain a place on the World Cup with stops at the World Champs and the Olympics along the way. I am passionate about my profession, have a proven history of standing on the top tier of the podium and have a solid goal to continue to compete and podium at the highest levels of my disciplines.

Born in August 2002 in London, England, I moved to Arrowtown, New Zealand at four years of age.  Both my parents were avid alpine snowboarders, my dad first put skis on me when I was two and a half years old, whilst on holiday in France.  

A product of the Wakatipu Ski Club, I skied primarily with his family until I was seven, when I completed the QAST Holiday Program and gained my first podium in my first race on Coronet Peak.  From then on racing has been my passion. 

Having been selected to the NZ Youth Ski Team as both an U14 and U16 athlete, and having competed in international racing in Europe, I decided to move to Italy to attend Bachmann Ski Academy, a full time winter sports college, to pursue this passion and allow myself to both study and compete.  My Southern Hemisphere season is based at ‘home’ – Coronet Peak where I grew up, skiing for Queenstown Alpine Ski Team. 

In My first year as a FIS athlete in 2018, I won the NZ U21 Slalom title, 3rd in Giant Slalom and placed 2nd overall. In 2022 I was selected for the New Zealand Development Team.

I have strong goals to becoming a full time World Cup Athlete.

I have a unique story which I am happy to share and use to inspire others.

When I was very young, I was diagnosed as hyper-allergic to a number of food groups. This meant a minder through school, limited school camps and a challenging physical pathway.

I was diagnosed with Dyslexia at 6 yrs old and I discovered alpine racing at 8 yrs old. Skiing at this point became my passion and a way to balance my mental and social health while giving me an opportunity to succeed.
At 14 I decided to move to Europe and pursue my dream by attending an Alpine Ski School which merged education with preparing to become a semi-professional athlete. My parents at this stage supported my dreams and gave me the support I needed to take this big step.

By 17 I had broken three lower limbs in separate ski accidents but through sheer bloody-mindedness and a burning desire to keep driving forward, I successfully rehabilitated and continued to achieve national success at the U21 level.

At 18 I contracted a very early case of Covid in Europe which went undiagnosed but the outcome was I am now a Type1 Diabetic requiring constant health interventions.
Never once have I deviated from my goals. I believe
that I will be a World Cup athlete. I have overcome more adversity in my youth years in my sport than anyone I know, and I’ll continue to work hard to achieve success.

I am asking you to help support me in this journey


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