Last weekend was Topolino. Topolino is the biggest international alpine ski race for under 14 and under 16 year olds. This weekend did not go so well for me. The race was in a place called Folgaria which is in Italy. Dad, Tigne, Mum, Guilia, Alice, Sarah and I arrived there on the Monday before the race. For the whole week we trained and took time to watch the Italian qualifiers for Topolino which were really hard. Our international races were on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday it was GS for u14 and slalom for u16. Our courses were right next to each other. I was doing GS because I’m u14. The day was good – it was hot and sunny nearly like summer.  I didn’t do so well on the GS, as I got late on two gates then crashed near the finish but as I was still moving I was able to hike the gate and I made it to the finish. Alice didn’t do so well either as she crashed in the slalom. Saturday was a different kind of day.  On Friday night it had snowed a heap of snow and was still snowing heavily when we arrived on the mountain. Throughout the whole day it snowed and it didn’t stop once! That day I had slalom and Alice hade GS. Again the slalom didn’t go so good. I had a really bad first run which put me into 33. I was hoping for a top 15 as I have been training and racing well. On the second run I crashed on the first hairpin and broke my shinguard so now I have to buy new ones.  Alice placed 8th in her GS which was fantastic.


The trip back home to Cortina is 3 hours long and we had so much stuff that Tigne and I could not see each other for the whole ride home as the car was packed to the top. We had two big ski bags in between us which made it impossible to see anywhere but out our windows. The Robinsons headed to Milan to spend a few days there then they would fly back to America. The race was fun even if I didn’t do well – I still had fun and I hope I can come back next year.

Thank you Giulia for being my coach and looking after me.

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