Italian national qualifier

Last weekend was the Italian Sci Alpino National Qualifiers in Padola and Passo Monte Croce. The racing was 3 days long, starting on Thursday and ending on Saturday. There was also a training day on Wednesday for the Super G which was on Wednesday, making the whole week really long. The trip from Cortina to Padola and Passo Monte Croce is 1 hour each way.

To be able to race in these Qualifiers you had to place in the top 10 of our greater region of Alta Belluno which has about 70 U14 boys racing in it.  I made it in on my points even though I didn’t do all the races as I was away racing in the internationals.  There were 60 boys in these qualifiers.

We had only been home for 2 days from a week at Topolino racing when I had to go and do these races.

On Wednesday we had a training day on the course where we got to race with bibs but no timing – just like in the World Cup.

On Thursday it was a Super G. The weather was fine that day. I had Guilia with me because she had the day off from coaching. The course was long but still the same as the last time I raced there 2 or 3 weeks ago. I did ok, but not as good as I wanted to – but still ok. I think I got somewhere between 20th to 30th. I know I could have done better as I’ve gotten into the top 10 before.

Friday was slalom over at Passo Monte Croce witch is another 45 min drive from Cortina. In the slalom I did much better. I still had a late bib – from the 3rd draw but managed to get to 16th – 1 place away from the flip but on the second run I managed to pull up to 15th place so I got in the top 15 in the end, and I was the only ‘3rd bib draw’ athlete to make it into the top 20.

Saturday was GS –  I had a better bib number than the other few days and I still managed to get 16th. It is only a one run race.  The course was down the same slope as the Super G but a few gates less. My coaches said I skied well on the steep and technical sections but need to hold my edge longer as I go round the turn.

I didn’t make it to the National Finals – I was close, but I have made huge improvements over the last two years and with lots of hard work,  next year I’ll be even better

QAST Invasion of Cortina, Italy

On Sunday there were two families who arrived here in Cortina, Italy to ski. One of the families were the Blewitts and the other were the van Asches. They arrived pretty late (about seven pm) at night.  Mum and Tigne where eating with Giulia and the Blewitts out at Francisco’s when Henry texted mum asking where in Cortina was a good place to have good pizza. Henry was not meant to arrive till Monday. Giulia had spent weeks prepping Henrys car and everything. About ten mins later Henry and his family arrived at Francisco’s!  Dan and I were returning from our trip to Switzerland.IMG_9234.JPGOn Monday we went skiing strait away. Mum went with the Blewitts to get their skis sorted. Dad Tigne and I met them up on Floria. For the whole week we skied day after day. On Thursday we had a massive powder day. It had been snowing up the mountain and down at our house for the night and didn’t stop during the day either. We spilt up into two groups – the girls and the boys. The boys skied the more dangerous steep parts and the girls drank wine in the bar.

We had lots of fun with the two families here.

Slalom race

On Sunday it was an early start to the day. It was a 6am wake up and then a 7am pick up. It was a cold start to the morning as it was minus 10 outside. Today was a slalom race up at Tofana. By 8am the lift had opened and we were taking our skis up to the top of the course. The sun was just coming over the mountains and the cold breeze was forcing all of us into the cafe. The cafe was so full I had to leave and go to another cafe. At 9:30am the first racer went down the course. Tigne wasn’t there as he was racing in Auronzo with mum.

My bib number was 116. My run came and I entered the start gate ….. 3 2 1….I flew out of the start gate. About half way down the course I was sitting too far back and flew out of the gates. I hade to hike up 1 gate witch added a couple seconds onto my time. Bye the end of the race I came in the top thirty out of about fifty.


Trapped – Diary of the Epic Snow Storm

30th Jan 2014: Today it’s been snowing for so long. We are snowed in a little avalanche happened at our front door and were stuck!  Tigne and I have being doing homework for what seems to me like 3 hours.  It is still snowing hard out and we are still stuck. This is our car after 1 night of snow but we are still expecting more snow.

This is the view from our front door before it avalanched in!
We found the car!!!
We found the car!!!

Saturday 1st February:  It has been snowing now for 7 days. Our car is stuck and we can can only just fit out our front door. Mum and dad spent 4 hours digging out the car while Tigne and I built snow caves in the snow. There is about 2 new meters of new snow. Now it is all compacted because it has been raining. After lunch today I’m going to go play outside in the snow a hope that my snow cave is still there. Every night we have been watching a movie. We can’t go skiing because the passes are closed and the avalanche risks are two high so we are bored out of our brains. Yesterday my brother Tigne made his blog.

Mum digging out the car
Mum digging out the car
Mum leaving the house to go to the super-market because we needed more toilet paper
Mum leaving the house to go to the super-market because we needed more toilet paper

Proper first day training

Yesterday It was my first day doing a full day GS training in Cortina. I got up at 7:00 in the morning. Giula came and picked us up. We went to a mountain on the outskirts of Cortina. We skied their for the whole day. We did a very easy course for most of the day then we went free skiing for the rest of the time. For lunch Tigne had pasta bianco and I had pasta pomedoro with 2 bowls of chips and a bottle of water for only 13 Euros. The snow was hard to ski on. By the time we all had had 5 runs the course was sheet ice. I was taught to change my style for that kind of condition.

Me heading up the Cristello charilift

Powder Skiing

My ciocolate con pana

On Monday we had a BIG snow fall. We played in the snow and did boring homework. We also went to a cafe and I had a ciocolate Calde con pana which is hot chocolate with cream. I built a snow man – he was so cool but after skiing the next day he was flat.

Tigne, Cameron Marshall and I with the snowman we made in the middle of town

Tigne and Dad looking into the powder with me disappearing into the trees
On Tuesday the snow was up to 1 meter deep. We went skiing for the whole day. It was so deep it was up to my waist deep some times. I loved the tree skiing. We kept going tree skiing every time we saw a good track. At 2 Guilia came skiing for the rest of the day.