Race Two of the Season.

Last Sunday was my second race of the year. It was a GS race at San Vito. I had to meet Andrea at the main train station in town at 7am in the morning to drive to the race as San Vito is about a 20 minute drive from Cortina. It was super cold at San Vito because the sun gets blocked out by the mountains that surround it – so it’s normally quite icy too.  My brother Tigne was racing at Faloria which was even colder because of the wind – they had a wind chill factor of minus 30 while we were a nice warm minus 5!

IMG_1905.jpgThe race started a little later than it was supposed to but we still managed to be finished before lunch. At U14 level we only get one run as there is still a huge amount of kids ski racing so there is not enough time to run a two-run race! My bib number was 139 which was a late bib number because of my last race where I popped out of the course and had to hike, only coming mid field. I still did well though; starting 50th out of my age group (of 54) and placing 7th. The race was 35 gates long which was taking about 54 seconds to finish for the top guys.  It was rutty by the time my turn came to race. There were some parts of the race I knew I should tuck but I couldn’t because the ruts were too big.

After the race mum and I went to pick Tigne and Dad up from the bottom of the gondola that leads up to Faloria. Then we headed into town to eat lunch. Dad and I ate burgers while mum had a yummie pasta and Tigne had a pizza. After lunch we headed home, to have a rest before going to dinner at Micky’s house.

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