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Welcome to my new website I have changed up my website a bit because I do not have time to write blogs because of school, skiing and dryland. I will still be blogging just not a lot. I have just finished the season here in Italy with a great team called Bachmann. I improved in my skiing a lot this year and I have some big goals for next year. My goals for next year are to podium in Topolino and Skofia Loka internationals.

I am heading home to NZ at the moment. I will be skiing my brains out in NZ skiing 5 days a week and also dryland 5 days a week. This year I have two coaches one from Italy and one from Austria. I will be returning to Bachmann next year. I have just changed skis and boots from Rossignol to Head and am sticking to Shred helmet because it is the perfect fit for my head. I hope you like the new layout of my website and I will see you in New Zealand!

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