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Welcome to my new website I have changed up my website a bit because I do not have time to write blogs because of school, skiing and dryland. I will still be blogging just not a lot. I have just finished the season here in Italy with a great team called Bachmann. I improved in my skiing a lot this year and I have some big goals for next year. My goals for next year are to podium in Topolino and Skofia Loka internationals.

I am heading home to NZ at the moment. I will be skiing my brains out in NZ skiing 5 days a week and also dryland 5 days a week. This year I have two coaches one from Italy and one from Austria. I will be returning to Bachmann next year. I have just changed skis and boots from Rossignol to Head and am sticking to Shred helmet because it is the perfect fit for my head. I hope you like the new layout of my website and I will see you in New Zealand!

Ski Season in New Zealand

The ski season has just started in New Zealand. The mountains have just opened but the skiing is not perfect.  I started strong this year skiing on with QAST the second day the mountain opened. My two coaches this year are Mats, an old coach from last year, and a new Italian coach called Marco.


Yesterday I made a mistake! I was at dryland and we were doing piggy back races and I was catching up to first and then my foot dug into the gravel and I fell twisting my foot. So now i’m home with my leg up and a cast around my ankle. I’m lucky I didn’t break my foot, it was only a fracture. I am off the snow for two weeks maybe then then I will be back on the snow skiing. Plus i’m not missing anything my gym got kicked out because of being two loud when they drop their weights and the snow on the mountain is really bad, the might even close the mountain.


Hopefully by next week I will be back on the snow skiing and getting ready for my first race of the season.

First week training 

This week was my first week training in it Italy. There has been some cold times and some very hot times. To day was very cold. My ski team got to train with the old ski coach of the Italian ski team. He has had a few people that he has coached that have won medals in the World Cup and Olympics.

This week we have already started full slalom gates. And maybe tomorrow we will do full GS gates. I have skied in the weekend and in the school day so basically I have skied every day this week. This weekend is a long weekend I don’t know why but it just is. It goes all the way till Tuesday and then they go back to school.     

I have the same two coaches and one new coach that can speak English which is good. His name is Simone and my other two are called Andrea and Denise. More and more lifters are opening as they make more snow but the snow is melting very quick because of the hot weather. Our first race is before Christmas. 

Coronet peak revue

Coronet peak is a legendary moutain. First in nz. 3 lifts and a steep t-bar. With 4 easy magic carpets. The steep slopes make it a nice icy run. All the staff make it so easy to by food and help people get their skis on. A few terrain parks make it fun for the jumpers.

All the staff make the trails ready for 8:00 in the morning and somtimes for the QASTies the make it icy at 7:00 in the morning. The lifteys always have a smile on their face and then when someone falls off they are always there to help you back up.

The different activities are so fun; skiing, snowboarding, snowbiking and more. The snow is normally hard and sometimes and a little sugary. On a hot and sunny day you can ski in a t-shirt or on a powder day you ski knee deep in powder (awsome)!!!!


First day

On Saturday I went skiing with my 2 new coaches zac and edu.
Zac is from USA. Edu is from Spain. I’m an under 14 thus year so I get to do academy on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I’ve been skiing lot over the past year in Italy and In queenstown. I skied with dad on opening day but the snow is very bad coz it was so slushy. Today was my first day doing academy ever. I’d never done it. I skied with both of my coaches zac and edu. Their was only 4 in our group and 2 left at lunch to go to high school so their was only 2 of us in the after noon.

The snow was so icy today I. We went Down Wall Street on one ski on my bad foot. It took us maybe 5 minuets to get down. Their was no snow on Wall Street to was just sheet ice so it was really hard.

Speed skiing

On Wednesday we went to a mountain called Col Galina. Tigne and I went on our super-g skis. Tigne skied on 142 centimetres. I skied on 186 centimetres. My skis were really fast.

Micky, one of my coaches, had a speed gun. Tignes first speed was 71. My first speed was 81. Tignes second speed was 77. My second speed was 88. We went on a flat section when we were gathering our speed. I think I could go much faster down a steeper slope.

We only skied to midday because of the snow, it was so slushy. My next step is to try ski in some gates with my super g skis. My skies are so hard to turn it took me a minute to figure out how to turn my gigantic skies.


Proper first day training

Yesterday It was my first day doing a full day GS training in Cortina. I got up at 7:00 in the morning. Giula came and picked us up. We went to a mountain on the outskirts of Cortina. We skied their for the whole day. We did a very easy course for most of the day then we went free skiing for the rest of the time. For lunch Tigne had pasta bianco and I had pasta pomedoro with 2 bowls of chips and a bottle of water for only 13 Euros. The snow was hard to ski on. By the time we all had had 5 runs the course was sheet ice. I was taught to change my style for that kind of condition.

Me heading up the Cristello charilift

Wednesday powder skiing

On Wednesday we went up to Coronet Peak. We went powder skiing because it was snowing very very strongly.

At lunch time we stopped because all the lifts were closed but Meadows ski lift. We didn’t want to ski on meadows for the rest of the day because Meadows is so flat and boring.

We stopped earlier for a quick snack but it turned out to be a very long snack, the brake was about an hour long.

After my ski coach said we could stop I still had to stay on the mountain because my dad works up there so me and my brother will be bored.

Rite now I am sitting on a chair having lunch righting this blog post.


Weekend training

On Friday and Saturday I did slalom full gates. I used my new chin guard that I got from my parents for my birthday.

It was so fun at first, it hurt but then I started hitting them properly. We started of with our poles parallel and I got to move onto hitting them properly.

By lunch it was very hot on both days. I skied with no jacket from lunch time. For lunch I got to have money for the first day ever. We skied at coronet both days.

On Sunday we skied at Remarks. We did free skiing on the jumps and watched a free stile comp.

Monday. On Monday which is today I was sick because I was silly yesterday and Didn’t listen to mum and dad when they said i needed to drink lots of water and take my jumper off in the heat. So i was sick the next day. It was so boring.


Getting ready for Slalom training
Getting ready for Slalom training