On Saturday my family did an end of season club championship race. Mum came second behind Daniela Merighetti who came 4th in Sochi. Tigne came third. And we all won a big trophy for being a nice family. Dad could of won if there where no other racers racing.


On Sunday I did another race. It was a small race but still hard and I came 17th. My bib number was 254 which meant I was the third to last person to go down the course so it was very rutty. We went to lunch with my friend Thomas because they where going back to Germany.

This is my season basically finished. We leave cortina in two weeks and we will go traveling for a few weeks .

World War One Museum

20140322-130058.jpgFor school in NZ I have to make a poster about World War One. Fortunately a lot of the World War One battles happened in the Dolomites where I am now. So Mum,Tigne and I went a World War One museum.

There were guns,swords,bullets and bombs. We spent maybe an hour or two there. We looked at all the facts. The old museum was an hour away from Cortina. We looked at the cool costumes and guns we also brought stuff like stickers and post cards to go onto my poster.

The museum was a base for the Austrians in the war. It looked out at a big valley that the Austrians controlled.

Speed skiing

On Wednesday we went to a mountain called Col Galina. Tigne and I went on our super-g skis. Tigne skied on 142 centimetres. I skied on 186 centimetres. My skis were really fast.

Micky, one of my coaches, had a speed gun. Tignes first speed was 71. My first speed was 81. Tignes second speed was 77. My second speed was 88. We went on a flat section when we were gathering our speed. I think I could go much faster down a steeper slope.

We only skied to midday because of the snow, it was so slushy. My next step is to try ski in some gates with my super g skis. My skies are so hard to turn it took me a minute to figure out how to turn my gigantic skies.


A Day Away

On saturday we raced at a mountain called Falcade where I placed 4th and qualified for the Italiano regional finals. My friend Thomas came first. The course was really hard because it was very rutty my bib number was 105 which was my best starting number in Italy so far. I got a a medal made from etched glass. When my family went for lunch we had to cross country ski for so long to make the last lift back!

On Sunday I raced in the regional finals. The Mountain we skied on was San Pellegrino. It was a very big mountain. The course was the biggest course I had ever skied.

The course was flat on the top and steep at the bottom. By the time it was my turn the course it was very rutty. My bib number was 389 – so late! I hate having to wait so long for my turn!




On my last day off we went to Austria with Mum, Dad and Tigne. It was a 1hour 30 drive to a town called Lienz. It was a nice place. We went there for lunch. Dad hade to order because everything was in German. I have no idea what I had but I liked it. We did a big walk around the town. We stopped at a really cheap sports store.

On the way home we stopped in a town called San Candido on the Austria-Italy border where we went swimming. We took lots of videos on the hydro-slide and the lazy river with the GoPro. The lazy river hurt so much it had the biggest jets ever.

After swimming we went to have dinner at an old theatre in the middle of San Candido. Tigne and I had pizza. For desert I hade tiramisu. On the way back to the car Tigne and I were doing Parcour through town, jumping over rails and seats.

[wpvideo q0om3X4x]

Weekend Racing

20140304-174534.jpgThis last weekend we went to 2 races at a mountain called Tofana. Both races were slalom – one was full gates and one was stubbies. My Sci Club Drucié was the host.

It was very rutty course and by the time it was my turn Guila told me to stay in the big holes so I wouldn’t crash or miss a gate. My time was 38secs to 42secs so I didn’t place in the top 20.


On Sunday we did full gates. It was not so rutty as yesterday but it was still rutty. My bib number was 171 on the first day and 165 the second day. The full gates were hard but I still hit a few. My time was 45 seconds which was much slower that yesterday.


Trapped – Diary of the Epic Snow Storm

30th Jan 2014: Today it’s been snowing for so long. We are snowed in a little avalanche happened at our front door and were stuck!  Tigne and I have being doing homework for what seems to me like 3 hours.  It is still snowing hard out and we are still stuck. This is our car after 1 night of snow but we are still expecting more snow.

This is the view from our front door before it avalanched in!
We found the car!!!
We found the car!!!

Saturday 1st February:  It has been snowing now for 7 days. Our car is stuck and we can can only just fit out our front door. Mum and dad spent 4 hours digging out the car while Tigne and I built snow caves in the snow. There is about 2 new meters of new snow. Now it is all compacted because it has been raining. After lunch today I’m going to go play outside in the snow a hope that my snow cave is still there. Every night we have been watching a movie. We can’t go skiing because the passes are closed and the avalanche risks are two high so we are bored out of our brains. Yesterday my brother Tigne made his blog.

Mum digging out the car
Mum digging out the car
Mum leaving the house to go to the super-market because we needed more toilet paper
Mum leaving the house to go to the super-market because we needed more toilet paper

First race

On January the 26 2014 I did my first race of the year. It was my first race in Italy. The race was on a mountain called Auronzo di cadore. It’s a 45 minuet drive to the mountain.

20140127-144506.jpg The race was really long. It had 1 banana which is two Gates together . We only got to have 1 run because their where so many kids. My friend Pietro came first I came 26 out of 74 kids that finished 4 DNF. (—- means did not finish). There is three things I need to work on
1. pushing on my down hill ski much more.
2. bringing my legs closer together.
3. My line- making my turns earlier by transferring my weight earlier and not finishing my turn up the mountain.

Tigne could not come because he was sick. I was sick the day before the race. Now Tigne, mum, dad and I are all sick.

Proper first day training

Yesterday It was my first day doing a full day GS training in Cortina. I got up at 7:00 in the morning. Giula came and picked us up. We went to a mountain on the outskirts of Cortina. We skied their for the whole day. We did a very easy course for most of the day then we went free skiing for the rest of the time. For lunch Tigne had pasta bianco and I had pasta pomedoro with 2 bowls of chips and a bottle of water for only 13 Euros. The snow was hard to ski on. By the time we all had had 5 runs the course was sheet ice. I was taught to change my style for that kind of condition.

Me heading up the Cristello charilift

Powder Skiing

My ciocolate con pana

On Monday we had a BIG snow fall. We played in the snow and did boring homework. We also went to a cafe and I had a ciocolate Calde con pana which is hot chocolate with cream. I built a snow man – he was so cool but after skiing the next day he was flat.

Tigne, Cameron Marshall and I with the snowman we made in the middle of town

Tigne and Dad looking into the powder with me disappearing into the trees
On Tuesday the snow was up to 1 meter deep. We went skiing for the whole day. It was so deep it was up to my waist deep some times. I loved the tree skiing. We kept going tree skiing every time we saw a good track. At 2 Guilia came skiing for the rest of the day.