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Welcome to my new website I have changed up my website a bit because I do not have time to write blogs because of school, skiing and dryland. I will still be blogging just not a lot. I have just finished the season here in Italy with a great team called Bachmann. I improved in my skiing a lot this year and I have some big goals for next year. My goals for next year are to podium in Topolino and Skofia Loka internationals.

I am heading home to NZ at the moment. I will be skiing my brains out in NZ skiing 5 days a week and also dryland 5 days a week. This year I have two coaches one from Italy and one from Austria. I will be returning to Bachmann next year. I have just changed skis and boots from Rossignol to Head and am sticking to Shred helmet because it is the perfect fit for my head. I hope you like the new layout of my website and I will see you in New Zealand!


Last Tuesday Dad, Tigne, Mum and I went to Schladming in Austria to watch another Alpine Ski World Cup race – but this time it was the famous Men’s Slalom Night Race at Schladming. It was so much fun watching the race. We left Cortina in Italy at around 11am and arrived at Schladming at around 3:30pm (after first checking into our apartment). The race was awesome because Nils (the head coach of the NZL Mens team) got us free VIP tickets so we got to watch from a stand near the finish line. The first run was cool. After the first run, Neureuther from Germany was in 1st place, 2nd was Kristoffersen form Norway, and in 3rd place was Setefano Gross from Italy.  Marcel Hirscher who was the home favourite was in 22nd because his goggles fogged up while he was racing.


About halfway through the first run we headed into town to get some food from the festival tents then shot straight back up to the stand to watch the New Zealand team come down. Willis Feasey DNF’d (did not finish) in the first run and Adam Barwood finished but did not qualify for the second run – although I thought he skied well; he started from bib number 80 and finished in the 50’s . Only the top 30 skiers get a second run.

The race was awesome – in the end it was 1st Kristoffersen, 2nd Marcel Hirscher who skied from 22nd place after the first run, and 3rd was  Alexander Khoroshilov.  Hirscher was unbelievable!

The race finished at around 9 o’clock. We stayed in a little apartment out of town so that we didn’t need to drive home that night, but rather the next morning after breakfast.  I still made it home in time to ski in the afternoon!

Coronet peak revue

Coronet peak is a legendary moutain. First in nz. 3 lifts and a steep t-bar. With 4 easy magic carpets. The steep slopes make it a nice icy run. All the staff make it so easy to by food and help people get their skis on. A few terrain parks make it fun for the jumpers.

All the staff make the trails ready for 8:00 in the morning and somtimes for the QASTies the make it icy at 7:00 in the morning. The lifteys always have a smile on their face and then when someone falls off they are always there to help you back up.

The different activities are so fun; skiing, snowboarding, snowbiking and more. The snow is normally hard and sometimes and a little sugary. On a hot and sunny day you can ski in a t-shirt or on a powder day you ski knee deep in powder (awsome)!!!!