Skiing at the Remarks

On Sunday I went skiing with QAST to the Remarks ski field to train because it is much flatter than Coronet Peak which will help us on the flat racing courses we do on different mountains.

We trained all day. First we practised hi tucks and low tucks. For a hi tuck you move forward in the middle of the turn and the low tuck is when you are going straight.

Then after lunch we did a course. I liked doing this the most.

When training finished dad, Fraser, Gally and I hiked up to the chutes and skied down to Lake Alta. The hike up was hard dad took my skis I had trouble because I kept falling over. The steps in the ice were big because they were made by adults and not for little kids and my feet didn’t reach into the holes.

Top of Elevator Chute.jpg
Me, Gally and Fraser at the top of Elevator Chute

The first run was called Alta Chute and the second was called elevator. Alta Chute was good it had lots of powder to the side. Elevator was really steep and had a little alley way through the rocks. I was on my big GS skis and it was hard for me. We skied down to Lake Alta which is a frozen lake.

Lake Alta
You can see me skiing on the ice of Lake Alta

Ohau and Mount Hutt Weekend

On Friday morning dad and I we to ohou four scecial training with Simon who is a ski racer trainer. when we got there we got kited up. When we got onto the snow we first did the cores
Witch was a big gs. then we went in for lunch I had a big hot dog. After lunch we went down
To the poma and did drills like one ski skiing. Then we did drills on the stubby cores. After we
We did Jull stubby cores it was hard but fun.

Simon and our team after training

On saterday and Sunday dad and I went to Mt Hutt for two racers one was slalom and the other was gs I came third in gs and second in slalom. The gs was small but the slalom was big they where both the same length. We stayed at methven hotel

School holiday training

Over the school holidays i have been skiing with lots of different coaches because my coach Grant was sick. I skied with Timmy, Natalie, Robin, and Emily. When Grant was back it was fun. Grant is Scottish and loves skiing (so do i). Grant is from Scotland. in the first weak. We did some tests to see how good we where.this is some off them:

Rail way tracks.
Leap turns.
Hockey stops.

On the second weak we did lots of gates. I also went for first tracks with dad. My favourite run is hurdle because I tuck down it.


North Island race

On friday I went to Auckland for a ski race. It was the north island interfield. first i went to
corent peack with my dad and a frind could dave we did 9 fast runs after dad and i went to aukland.
we staed at grants house.

on saterday we went to nosh and had brekey after we went to the pet store this is the puppy i like.

This puppy liked me


then we went to my dads sister {aunty siobhan} house fore a coffee.

when we went to snow plant for a race it was in door. See!

We got to snow planet early and had some warm up runs


poma at snow planet


I came eighth out off 50 to 60 i dont know. i liked snow planet but i didn’t like the race course because it was small. there was only 9 turns long. it was nice that my kui and poppa were there we had pizza for dinner but i had narchos.

when we were coming home the runway was iced over. so we had to stop at christchurch for an hour.

At Queenstown airport


Opening day at Coronet Peak

To day was the first day of the season. I started on easy rider because tigne my brother

was having trouble . 🙂 After. we went to the m1. 🙂 I was skiing on my new rosignol 1.45

skis. I thought they where excellent because I could carve supper well. Before I started

with my mums skis that are 1.48 they where pink and black to start until me and dad

covered them in black tap and skiing stickers


dad tigne and I


me mum and tigne