Ski Season in New Zealand

The ski season has just started in New Zealand. The mountains have just opened but the skiing is not perfect.  I started strong this year skiing on with QAST the second day the mountain opened. My two coaches this year are Mats, an old coach from last year, and a new Italian coach called Marco.


Yesterday I made a mistake! I was at dryland and we were doing piggy back races and I was catching up to first and then my foot dug into the gravel and I fell twisting my foot. So now i’m home with my leg up and a cast around my ankle. I’m lucky I didn’t break my foot, it was only a fracture. I am off the snow for two weeks maybe then then I will be back on the snow skiing. Plus i’m not missing anything my gym got kicked out because of being two loud when they drop their weights and the snow on the mountain is really bad, the might even close the mountain.


Hopefully by next week I will be back on the snow skiing and getting ready for my first race of the season.