NYS NZ sesion 

This NZ season has gone pretty good I have had lot of podiem finishes. I have had races in Mount Hutt, Ohau, and Coronet Peak. Speed week in Mount Hutt was my favourite part of the season so far. There was  4 super-g races and 1 slalom race at Mount Hutt. In the super-g I reached 110Kmph with a jump in the middle of the course. I got 3 silvers and a Brons. In the slalom I straddled the first and the third gate so I got disalfide so I didn’t get to do the second run.

I have one 2 races this year both in Ohau witch was good. We have hade a few snow days and hopefully Some more are on their way. I only have a few more races and if I win 1 GS 1 SL 1 Super-G I will have the most points and will win the overall title because I’m tiying first GS and Super-G.