2015 NZ season 

The 2015 has just started I have 3 coaches David, Wylie and Emily. We have only had 2 races so far 1 in Coronet Peak and 1 in Ohau. We have already had 1 race cancelled in Ohau because of rain. The first race was a kombi so was the second also a kombi. In the first race of the season I didn’t do so well I came 4th. In the second race I came 1st with a big mistake in the middle of the course but I still managed to win the race witch was good. This weekend I have 2 races in Ohau again. 

My head coach is David he is from Spain. I have hade 2 Emily’s so far one from Britain and one from USA. Wylie is from New Zealand and used to be a freestyler so he can do backflips and stuff like that. This year I am skiing on Rossignol skis I have skied on them before in my life and I think there pretty good.