Switzerland – Trophee du Mont Lachaux

Day 1

Two weeks ago Dad and I went for a small road trip to Switzerland for a race called The Trophee du Lout Lachaux. We left at about 9:00 in the morning. The Trophee du Lout Lachaux is the oldest trophy in all of Switzerland. It is a massive super G race that fells like a downhill as it’s between 4 and 6 kms long depending on your age! At about lunchtime we stopped in Milan at a little restaurant on the side of the highway. 
After lunch we came up to the border of Switzerland and Italy and thats when we realised that we had forgotten our passports which were all the way back in Cortina! And, the bad thing was that we had English number plates on our Spaceship so we were more likely to be pulled over. We did manage to sneak over the border so all we had to worry about was getting back to Italy after the weekend was over!
Day 2 
We had found a place to park for the night in our little Spaceship. It had been raining the whole day and we had the back of the car up with the tent connected to the car so we could sleep in it comfortably. The night was cold and wet outside but we survived – in fact it was quite fun!. The next day we woke up and it was still raining at the bottom of the valley and snowing up on the mountain where the race was scheduled to be.
When we got onto the ski field, we had to sit in the cafe for about 3 hours while they still decided if they were going to cancel the race or start it from a bit lower down the course for safety. Dad and I went down to another cafe to get some lunch before the race. Then we got the news that they were going to start it from lower down the mountain so we headed of with all our bags and skis down to the new starting gate. We waited at the start for a couple of minutes before they cancelled the race as the snow conditions were too dangerous. For the rest of the day dad and I had nothing to do as the weather wasn’t really nice, the shops were closed and we didn’t have a hotel to go and hang out in – just our Spaceship!
Day 3 (last day)
We woke up to another cold day but this day was different – it had been snowing the whole night. We decided to not put the tent up that night because it was a bit colder. I thought the race was going to be canceled because the conditions were worse than the day before. So we headed up to the mountain the see what was going on, and the race had not been canceled.
Once again we sat in the cafe for about another 3 hours till they said the race was going to start a bit further down the course. This time we didn’t wait 5 minutes….. we waited half an hour sitting there in the cold waiting for the race to start! Finally they started the race!  From here things got a little hectic – we were not starting in our sequenced bib number but rather randomly. After the race had finished I took my boots off at the car and then something amazing happened  – we saw the sun for the first time 2 days!
Prize giving was a long time after the race had finished. They went down the list of groups first then from under 10 up. When they got to the under 14’s I was excited that I may have done well.  But my name never got called out so I felt a bit down – until they said for me to come up onto the stage because they made a mistake and I actually came first by 4 seconds!  After 3 long days of sitting down and doing nothing I still had a 12 hour ride home. I had loads of fun in Switzerland and I will miss these sorts of fun races with my dad when we go back to NZ.
ps.  We made it back across the boarder into Italy ok!


QAST Invasion of Cortina, Italy

On Sunday there were two families who arrived here in Cortina, Italy to ski. One of the families were the Blewitts and the other were the van Asches. They arrived pretty late (about seven pm) at night.  Mum and Tigne where eating with Giulia and the Blewitts out at Francisco’s when Henry texted mum asking where in Cortina was a good place to have good pizza. Henry was not meant to arrive till Monday. Giulia had spent weeks prepping Henrys car and everything. About ten mins later Henry and his family arrived at Francisco’s!  Dan and I were returning from our trip to Switzerland.IMG_9234.JPGOn Monday we went skiing strait away. Mum went with the Blewitts to get their skis sorted. Dad Tigne and I met them up on Floria. For the whole week we skied day after day. On Thursday we had a massive powder day. It had been snowing up the mountain and down at our house for the night and didn’t stop during the day either. We spilt up into two groups – the girls and the boys. The boys skied the more dangerous steep parts and the girls drank wine in the bar.

We had lots of fun with the two families here.