The Sellaronda

The Sellaronda is a ski tour around the biggest mountains in the Dolomites. The tour is about 40 kilometres long. The goal is to try to make it around the different mountains in one day. Dad, Tigne and I did it last week without Mum. Mum was back at Cortina with a very sore leg from her ski crash the other day.

We started our journey at Armentarola. It was 5 kilometres from the start of the Sellaronda. The weather was hot and by the time we had got to the Sellaronda we where sweating. Most of the Sellaronda it flat so you wouldn’t do it on a snow board.

It was a hard day, the sun had us skiing with our gloves in our pockets and the lift lines were huge. There were loads of people skiing. We had to wait in the lift lines for about 20 minutes to get to the actual lift which slowed us down a tiny bit. But in the end we still made it with time to spare.  At lunch we stopped at Passo Cella which was at the top of the Sellaronda. At the end of the Sellaronda (where we started) we had to ski all the way back to the car. So in the end we did 50 km out of the whole day. After we had taken our boots off we walked over to a hotel to have a beer and a coke in the hot sun.