Cancelled at Alleghe

Last Sunday morning I woke up early for a race in Alleghe. I have raced their once before. This race was the second last race. I was getting picked up at the top of our road at 6:25. It was snowing heavily and our road was blocked. I had to get up so early because the drive was an hour in the snow.

Mum made me a yummy breakfast. It was pancakes with bacon, banana and maple syrup. After breakfast I walked up the hill to my coaches. When we arrived at Alleghe we headed up the first gondola. It was very difficult getting two pears of super-g skis, a bag and poles up a small gondola. When we arrived at the top of the first gondola we had to go up one more to get to the top of the course.

When we finally got to the top of the corse we heard that the race was cancelled witch was annoying because we hade to get up so early. We headed home after the race was cancelled. I only got one run and that was taking my skis and bag Down to the car at the bottom of the mountain.


Last Sunday was my last GS race in Italy over the other side of the valley in a town called Auronzo. According to dad I skied really well. It was cold and snowing in Cortina and Auronzo. By the time we arrived up the second chair lift the course had been set. I had my ski race pants over my race suit and my old gloves one, which are always warmer than my race gloves. The cloud had settled around the race course so the visibility was very bad. My bib number was 138 – last one to go again! Once the first 100 competitors had gone, I got ready by warming up swinging my arms and legs around and keeping the blood moving into my muscles. After the first 100 everyone started getting times around 1min:15sec but when I crossed the line I got around 1min:07sec!. I don’t know what the results were but I didn’t get in the top ten.
After the race had finished I went home with dad which was a very slow drive home compared to my coaches who drive like maniacs.
On the way home we pulled over to see this big carnival which turned out to be a dog sledding race. We watched for about half an hour. The race was cool and the dogs where cuddly and furry. The drive back was an hour long and we didn’t stop for lunch on the way back because we were going to pick up Tigne and mum who were racing in Tofana and take them out to lunch.



Last weekend we went two races at a mountain called Alleghe. The race was a GS corse down a steep slope near a gondola. It was the qualifying round for Poncho.

On saturday it was Tigne’s race at alleghe he started lower than me. Tignes bib number was seventy three. He came 16th out of 40 which was good but he still didn’t make it into Poncho. His time was 52 seconds and the top time was 50sec.

On Sunday it was my race at the same place and same slope. The difference was that I started above the steep part and Tigne started lower down the mountain. It was rutty and my bib number was 106 . I didn’t ski that well I came it the top 30 out of 40 so I didn’t quality. To qualify I hade to come in the top 10. That was my worse race of the year.

Slalom race

On Sunday it was an early start to the day. It was a 6am wake up and then a 7am pick up. It was a cold start to the morning as it was minus 10 outside. Today was a slalom race up at Tofana. By 8am the lift had opened and we were taking our skis up to the top of the course. The sun was just coming over the mountains and the cold breeze was forcing all of us into the cafe. The cafe was so full I had to leave and go to another cafe. At 9:30am the first racer went down the course. Tigne wasn’t there as he was racing in Auronzo with mum.

My bib number was 116. My run came and I entered the start gate ….. 3 2 1….I flew out of the start gate. About half way down the course I was sitting too far back and flew out of the gates. I hade to hike up 1 gate witch added a couple seconds onto my time. Bye the end of the race I came in the top thirty out of about fifty.