Skinning up Socrepes

The snow had been falling for days and we were stuck inside. On Friday morning Dad told me I was going for a skin. He said we were going to skin up our back yard and then across up the mountain to the Socrepes cafe. We started our journey at 9 and finished at 11:30. The snow was falling the whole time we walked up and the snow was deep. If I had taken my skies off, the snow would have been knee deep and I would have been stuck. The hike was hard but dad made a new friend along the way…… A German Shepard dog! After we skinned up to the cafe we had a hot chocolate. We took our skins off our skis and then skied down the same route that we went up. When we got home we got a text from my coach saying that training had been cancelled because there was too much snow to train. On Sunday I will race in alleghe.



Tigne, Mum, Dad and I woke up to an early morning in Italy. The sun was still down so it was still dark. The car was packed and the breakfast was waiting in the car (The mighty spaceship). Bread and bacon started our long 3 hour trip to kitzbühel. We were going to watch the men’s super combined
slalom and super-g.

The race started at 11:30. We got their just in time. Super-g was first. I have never seen a race so steep in my life. It was nearly a 90° angle. First up was Ted Ligety world champion for GS. On the 5th last turn he went off a roller and missed the gate.  By the time the top  30 had finished it was 12:30 so we headed into town for some lunch. The top 30 had the most chance of wining. Dominic Paris from Italy won the super-g.

After lunch we headed back for the slalom.  D.Paris did not start the slalom because he was saving his energy for the downhill the next day. It was so cool watching the top skiers in real life Alexis Pinturault , Ted Ligety, Marcel Hirscher and Adam Zampa. It looks so much faster in real life than on tv. Alexis Pinturault won the combined. The hole day it was snowing and when we left it was pumping down with snow. The slalom was my favourite because it was in the dark and all the lights where shining on the corse.

Arriving in Italy

It took us 32 boring hours to get to to our destination in Italy. 4 flights of which 2 were long and 2 were short. We left on Wednesday and arrived a day and a half later. Arriving at midnight into Venice was hard – trying to drag our helpless body’s across the street. Our ski coaches Giulia and Micky were waiting to take us home. We hopped into the car and drove dad to his hotel as he was flying to London to pick up our Spaceship.
The drive to Cortina was a few hours long. Friday came but dad was still in Venice ready to go to London and pick up our spaceship. On our first day of skiing, we were getting filmed by Sky TV Italia. It was hard because the night before we got no sleep we were up with jet lag all night long.