Spaceships Sponsor Kiwi Kids in Italy

A really cool car company has offered to sponsor my brother, me and my family while we are Italy skiing! It is called Spaceships. It it a small campavan that we can use as our car in Italy and it will save us a lot of money staying in it . We are going to have lots of adventures in it and drive it up to Austria, Switzerland and across to see my head coach from QAST, Igor in Slovenia.

It’s orange and you can sleep in it, and it has a little kitchen too. We’ll be able to take it to races and mum will be able to make a cup of tea in it – which will make her really really happy. And if I get tired I can just sleep in the bed! There is even a toilet for my brother Tigne!

Dad is going to pick it up from London then drive it back to us in Cortina. I want to say thank you to Spaceships for helping us have the best family ski adventure ever!


Seaver Snow

This is my new brand Seaver. I’m starting to make clothes. I have started making T-shirts, jumpers and a few snow clothes like a training jacket. We brought the gear from overseas so it took a long time to get here but now I can start making cash. I’m excited to start with my brand. I have worked with Jonny at Fetch here in Queenstown on the design. I choose to do a bear as my logo as my nickname has been Keir Bear since I was little. And Seaver is my middle name. It’s my dad’s middle name too.
I am going to learn how to run Seaver as a business. When I earn enough money from my sales I am going to buy a MacBook Pro so I can learn to create my own designs.

If you’d like to buy one of my Seaver T shirts please email me directly.