First day

On Saturday I went skiing with my 2 new coaches zac and edu.
Zac is from USA. Edu is from Spain. I’m an under 14 thus year so I get to do academy on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I’ve been skiing lot over the past year in Italy and In queenstown. I skied with dad on opening day but the snow is very bad coz it was so slushy. Today was my first day doing academy ever. I’d never done it. I skied with both of my coaches zac and edu. Their was only 4 in our group and 2 left at lunch to go to high school so their was only 2 of us in the after noon.

The snow was so icy today I. We went Down Wall Street on one ski on my bad foot. It took us maybe 5 minuets to get down. Their was no snow on Wall Street to was just sheet ice so it was really hard.