Weekend Racing

20140304-174534.jpgThis last weekend we went to 2 races at a mountain called Tofana. Both races were slalom – one was full gates and one was stubbies. My Sci Club Drucié was the host.

It was very rutty course and by the time it was my turn Guila told me to stay in the big holes so I wouldn’t crash or miss a gate. My time was 38secs to 42secs so I didn’t place in the top 20.


On Sunday we did full gates. It was not so rutty as yesterday but it was still rutty. My bib number was 171 on the first day and 165 the second day. The full gates were hard but I still hit a few. My time was 45 seconds which was much slower that yesterday.



On Tuesday the 4th of February we went to Venice for a little holiday because their was too much snow. There was 3 meters of snow in Cortina. On the way to Venice coming out of Cortina there was so much snow that we had to drive with our chains on for ages. It was a 2 hour ride in the car. I slept for a bit of the ride.

When Tigne, Dad, Mum and I got to the train station we hopped out of our car and got strait on the train. We sat on the train for about 10 minuets, then took a boat ride witch was actually a bus on water. Then after half an hour we arrived at our destination. Then all four of us walked to our hotel which was about a 10 minute walk.


The hotel we stayed was called Atica Panada. It was a really nice hotel. We hade one room for all four of us. Tigne and I got single couches that folded into a bed. That night we went out and had a very nice pizza.

The next day we went for a walk around the whole city, it was very nice. We took a gondola ride at midday which was so cool. We went for about an hour on the boat. Then we went to a cool restaurant and I had pizza again!Then we walked for another 2 hours just sightseeing. We had dinner that night at Hardrock Cafe which is famous for its Burgers. I tried beer and it tasted yuck.

The next day we walked back to the train station and caught the train back to Maestre and then we drive home to Cortina. They had cleared the roads so we didn’t need our chains to get up to our apartment.

Trapped – Diary of the Epic Snow Storm

30th Jan 2014: Today it’s been snowing for so long. We are snowed in a little avalanche happened at our front door and were stuck!  Tigne and I have being doing homework for what seems to me like 3 hours.  It is still snowing hard out and we are still stuck. This is our car after 1 night of snow but we are still expecting more snow.

This is the view from our front door before it avalanched in!
We found the car!!!
We found the car!!!

Saturday 1st February:  It has been snowing now for 7 days. Our car is stuck and we can can only just fit out our front door. Mum and dad spent 4 hours digging out the car while Tigne and I built snow caves in the snow. There is about 2 new meters of new snow. Now it is all compacted because it has been raining. After lunch today I’m going to go play outside in the snow a hope that my snow cave is still there. Every night we have been watching a movie. We can’t go skiing because the passes are closed and the avalanche risks are two high so we are bored out of our brains. Yesterday my brother Tigne made his blog.

Mum digging out the car
Mum digging out the car
Mum leaving the house to go to the super-market because we needed more toilet paper
Mum leaving the house to go to the super-market because we needed more toilet paper