First race

On January the 26 2014 I did my first race of the year. It was my first race in Italy. The race was on a mountain called Auronzo di cadore. It’s a 45 minuet drive to the mountain.

20140127-144506.jpg The race was really long. It had 1 banana which is two Gates together . We only got to have 1 run because their where so many kids. My friend Pietro came first I came 26 out of 74 kids that finished 4 DNF. (—- means did not finish). There is three things I need to work on
1. pushing on my down hill ski much more.
2. bringing my legs closer together.
3. My line- making my turns earlier by transferring my weight earlier and not finishing my turn up the mountain.

Tigne could not come because he was sick. I was sick the day before the race. Now Tigne, mum, dad and I are all sick.

Proper first day training

Yesterday It was my first day doing a full day GS training in Cortina. I got up at 7:00 in the morning. Giula came and picked us up. We went to a mountain on the outskirts of Cortina. We skied their for the whole day. We did a very easy course for most of the day then we went free skiing for the rest of the time. For lunch Tigne had pasta bianco and I had pasta pomedoro with 2 bowls of chips and a bottle of water for only 13 Euros. The snow was hard to ski on. By the time we all had had 5 runs the course was sheet ice. I was taught to change my style for that kind of condition.

Me heading up the Cristello charilift

Powder Skiing

My ciocolate con pana

On Monday we had a BIG snow fall. We played in the snow and did boring homework. We also went to a cafe and I had a ciocolate Calde con pana which is hot chocolate with cream. I built a snow man – he was so cool but after skiing the next day he was flat.

Tigne, Cameron Marshall and I with the snowman we made in the middle of town

Tigne and Dad looking into the powder with me disappearing into the trees
On Tuesday the snow was up to 1 meter deep. We went skiing for the whole day. It was so deep it was up to my waist deep some times. I loved the tree skiing. We kept going tree skiing every time we saw a good track. At 2 Guilia came skiing for the rest of the day.

Getting to Cortina

We left NZ on a Friday to go to Melbourne which was a 3 hour flight. On the plane we asked for a nut free meal but they didn’t give me one because they forgot. So I took a risk and ate their food and it had a nut in it so was puking on mum and I. Dad was watching a movie while I was puking and mum was trying to get dad’s attention. So while I was puking I had to kick dad in the shin so after I was covered in puke.

When the plane arrived in Melbourne Air New Zealand let me go into the lounge and that was fun. I got to have a nice hot shower and we got to stay the whole time in the lounge. Tigne and I played on our new I pads. While I was in the shower dad was out buying clothes for me!!

After 10 hours in Melbourne we got on another flight to Abu Dhabi which was 14 hours then we hade 3 days there which we went to water world, sand bashing and sand boarding. Sand bashing is when you go on big Toyota 4 wheel cars over big sand dunes.

Finally it was time to go to Italy we started our journey. The flight we were on was Etihad air lines they forgot a nut free lunch so I went hungry. When we got to Italy Giulia picked us up and took us to our apartment. Now we are in Cortina, Italy, which is in the Dolomitis. We are here for 4 months.

Christmas and holiday

It’s Christmas Day and I’m writing on my new iPad mini. I got so much toys. I woke up at six and popped out of bed and rushed up stairs to jump on mum and dad. It’s a pity we have to wait a whole nother year for a Christmas but the spirit is still in me.

I can’t wait till next Friday. Next Friday we will be on a plane to Australia then to Abu Dhabi for three days. Then we are of to Italy for four months. In Italy we will be skiing basically every day.