The Chamiox cup

On Sunday i went to Oahu for the Chamiox cup. I came 4th. It was a very hard course for me as it was put on a terrain park so it had jumps that where flattered. One of the jumps went of a steep hill and the gate was very close to the jump. On both runs i stopped be four the finish line that would of added about 1 second to my time.

At prize giving on one of the sheets my time said my time was fifty six minutes long which was bad.

The race was delayed because the timing was mucked up. It was freezing cold from the gushing wind.

Wednesday powder skiing

On Wednesday we went up to Coronet Peak. We went powder skiing because it was snowing very very strongly.

At lunch time we stopped because all the lifts were closed but Meadows ski lift. We didn’t want to ski on meadows for the rest of the day because Meadows is so flat and boring.

We stopped earlier for a quick snack but it turned out to be a very long snack, the brake was about an hour long.

After my ski coach said we could stop I still had to stay on the mountain because my dad works up there so me and my brother will be bored.

Rite now I am sitting on a chair having lunch righting this blog post.


Weekend training

On Friday and Saturday I did slalom full gates. I used my new chin guard that I got from my parents for my birthday.

It was so fun at first, it hurt but then I started hitting them properly. We started of with our poles parallel and I got to move onto hitting them properly.

By lunch it was very hot on both days. I skied with no jacket from lunch time. For lunch I got to have money for the first day ever. We skied at coronet both days.

On Sunday we skied at Remarks. We did free skiing on the jumps and watched a free stile comp.

Monday. On Monday which is today I was sick because I was silly yesterday and Didn’t listen to mum and dad when they said i needed to drink lots of water and take my jumper off in the heat. So i was sick the next day. It was so boring.


Getting ready for Slalom training
Getting ready for Slalom training