Treble Cone race

On Sunday a week before my birthday I did a race at TC – which stands for Treble Cone.  It had a lot  of turns in the course.  I was coming third in the first run.

Poor Tama he crashed and it was a  big crash. On the second run I crashed to. I crashed on the same gate as Tama. The reason I crashed was my downhill ski came off while I was going around the gate. I fell on to the inside ski and went sliding down so i didn’t finish the race – which was a bummer.

My brother raced too, he came tenth. In my categories which is under 12 Sam came first. I forgot who came second. The day before the race we went to a big lodge and we went to Loane Star for dinner. It was very yummy. Loane Star has the yummy ribs that i like.


friday birthay

On Friday it was my birthday. I woke up early in the morning, Benny was staying at my house.
That Friday night I had a night skiing party. It was a bummer because the lifts didn’t open till 7:30pm because the lifts where on hold from bad weather.

Before we went for a ski we had a snow ball fight with these adults in one piece suits – we won of course. Then at 6.45 we photo bombed three news.They where giving a live broadcast at coronet peak for the winter games. At the end of the broadcast Tama and I did a fake fight with each other.

Then when the lifts opened Sam, Dom,Tigne,Tama and I went for a ski all the rest went home. Dom’s dad and my dad went on a little search party because we had not came down the slop yet – but we where at the magic carpet hiking up this hill then going of a jump. We also did one ski skiing. We skied to 9:00 at night I was so tired the next day.

I would like to thank all my friends for coming to my party – Jackson, Ben, Dom, Sam M, Sam H, Pete, Charlie, the McCourts, Tama, Harisson and tigne

Slalom vs. giant slalom

Slalom. Slalom is a short tourney course. It has poles witch you hit with your ski poles – but you need special protection. You need shin guards, pole guards and a chin guard.

Giant slalom. Giant slalom is a lot more spread out. The gates are two slalom poles with a net in the middle of them. You hit them with your shoulder. I don’t have a favourite. I love them both.

Today I trained gs witch is giant slalom. Date:7.8.13. The course today was not that tourney that meant I could go fast. At the end of the day at the bottom of the course it got all icy. I think it was from everyone stoping themselves from crashing into Heidi’s hut. We trained at coronet peak rite next to the t bar not on races arena or out wide. We watched some of the us ski team. They go really fast. I was looking forward to seeing body miller and Ted legatee. Ted legatee is the best skier in the world but I still didn’t get to see them.