Cardrona Weekend

On Friday I went across to wanaka with Alex hull. We stayed at a loge for two nights. The loge was fun it had a TV room and a relaxing room also a spar. On the first day we went up to cardrona because tc was closed and our race was spoused to be there but the race got cancelled so we went to cardrona to ski there. There was powder every where when captains chair opened every one got good powder we where won of the first to ski it.

This is a photo of our tracks:

Photo of our tracks

On Sunday it was race day at cardrona. On the first run I crashed. On the second run I dropped my poll. That didn’t get me a place because I did not finish but I still got a trofe. I tied third with a another kid he got the trofe that said third on it I had to have the one that said forth place but I still came third. At the end of the day dad and I skied down to the road and mum picked us up the powder was up to my stomach.

Here is a video of me skiing at end of day:

[wpvideo GnWJeq5S]

And I feel asleep on the way home (with my trophy):


Remarks Interfield Race

On Sunday I did a race at The Remarkables Ski Field. It was supposed to be a dual gs but the race department would not let us do a dual gs. So we had to make a normal gs race.

The race was difficult because it was turny and you had to move your skis quickly to get around the gates.

After the first run I was coming first and on the second run I dropped back in to third. On the second run I changed skis and was messy a that is why I thought I dropped back in to third place so over all I came third.

Here is a picture of my medal.