Ohau and Mount Hutt Weekend

On Friday morning dad and I we to ohou four scecial training with Simon who is a ski racer trainer. when we got there we got kited up. When we got onto the snow we first did the cores
Witch was a big gs. then we went in for lunch I had a big hot dog. After lunch we went down
To the poma and did drills like one ski skiing. Then we did drills on the stubby cores. After we
We did Jull stubby cores it was hard but fun.

Simon and our team after training

On saterday and Sunday dad and I went to Mt Hutt for two racers one was slalom and the other was gs I came third in gs and second in slalom. The gs was small but the slalom was big they where both the same length. We stayed at methven hotel

School holiday training

Over the school holidays i have been skiing with lots of different coaches because my coach Grant was sick. I skied with Timmy, Natalie, Robin, and Emily. When Grant was back it was fun. Grant is Scottish and loves skiing (so do i). Grant is from Scotland. in the first weak. We did some tests to see how good we where.this is some off them:

Rail way tracks.
Leap turns.
Hockey stops.

On the second weak we did lots of gates. I also went for first tracks with dad. My favourite run is hurdle because I tuck down it.